• denim romper

    Denim Skort Romper

    ROMPER: Sincerely Jules (T.J. Maxx)  |  BAG: T.J. Maxx  |  HEADBAND: Nordstrom Rack  |   NECKLACE: Local Eclectic  |  SANDALS: Sand & Sun           If you need an easy summer outfit rompers are always the way to go.  Obviously, they have been around for the longest time but I have kind of forgotten about them.  They aren’t as popular anymore but I still love them.  They are just so convenient and easy.  Rompers are as cute as dresses but easier to move around and actually do things in.  This one is a skort romper so it’s even better!  I found it at T.J. Maxx last weekend.…

  • standing by red flowers

    Rainbow Tie-Dye Romper

    ROMPER: Good Luck Gem (Nordstrom Rack)  |  SANDALS: Shade & Shore  |  BAG: Primark  |  EARRINGS: Primark            This beautiful colorful tie-dye romper is from Nordstrom Rack.  When I first saw it I overlooked it because for whatever reason I though it looked kind of childish. After returning to Nordstrom and coming across it a second time I realized how beautiful the colors are.  I think it has more of a “cool girl” look, not so much childish.  Not saying I’m a “cool girl”, just that I think it would look good on one, haha.  The quality is just so nice.  It’s ridiculously soft and the…

  • Sherman Library and Garden
    Holidays,  Los Angeles

    4th of July Weekend at Sherman Library and Gardens

    TOP: Primark:  |  SHORTS: Abound  |  SHOES: Loeffler Randall  |  EARRINGS: Primark           I am finally getting around to uploading a post about 4th of July 2021.  It’s been almost a week but late is better than never.  This year I had a bit of a laid back holiday.  We went for a hike at Rancho Palos Verdes and got poke on Saturday.  Sunday (4th of July) we went to the beach in the morning and came home and had an early dinner (turkey burgers).  Then in the evening we went for another hike at one of our favorite spots.  It’s up high so we were…

  • floral top

    Floral Organza Top

    TOP: H&M  |  SHORTS: Target (similar)  |  SANDALS: Target  |  BACKPACK: Ted Baker            Happy summer!  It’s officially summer.  It feels so crazy that it’s summer again and I am once again talking about it in my blog.  I’ve been blogging for so long and always mention when the seasons change so I’ve probably written around 9 or 10 “it’s summer” posts.  I’m extra excited about this one because now that the pandemic cases are down in the U.S. we can finally get back to doing some normal things and summer has always been one of my favorite seasons. Although, I think my current favorite season…

  • on stairs with dog

    “Hawaii” Embroidered Tee

    T-SHIRT: Blossom Brigade  |  SHORTS: H&M  |  SANDALS: Loeffler Randall  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero U.V.            This cute t-shirt is for sale on my Etsy shop, Blossom Brigade.  I love embroidery and hand-embroidering so I made this tee.  I went to Hawaii a few years ago for my honeymoon and was looking for a souvenir t-shirt.  I love the embroidered styles so I was on the lookout for one just like this one.  I never saw one (of course) because I literally designed it in my head.  What are the chances of finding it in a shop? I decided just to make one myself.  I really love…

  • Solvang
    Outfits,  Travel

    Shirred Top in Solvang

    TOP: T.J. Maxx  |  SHORTS: Abound (Nordstrom Rack, available in store)  |  SANDALS: Target  |  BAG: H&M  |  HEADBAND: Nordstrom Rack           I visited Solvang, California this past weekend for the third time.  The last time was last summer and the first time was a few years ago before I lived in California.  I love this little town so much.  If you haven’t been you need to check it out, especially if you like Dutch architecture.  It’s seriously one of my favorite day trips from Los Angeles.  It takes a little over 2 hours if you don’t get traffic.  There are a lot of things to do…

  • Holidays,  Outfits

    Memorial Day Weekend Outfit 2021

    TOP: Ann Taylor (T.J. Maxx)  |  PANTS: H&M  |  SANDALS: Loeffler Randall (size up .5-1 size)  |  BAG: Forever 21  |  PICNIC BASKET: Homegoods           Happy Memorial Day weekend!  What are your plans for the holiday?  I really wanted to go on a little road trip but it didn’t seem like the best timing so we are hanging out locally around Los Angeles.  On Saturday we just went to Little Tokyo, got poke, and did some shopping.  Saturday we had a picnic in the park.  we ate sandwiches, chips, and these amazing cookies from Trader Joe’s.  It was a fun time.  I really love picnics and want…

  • red flowers

    Floral Dress at Niguel Botanical Preserve

    DRESS: Forever 21 (similar)  |  SANDALS: Shade & Shore (similar)  |  BACKPACK: Sole Society  |  NECKLACE: H&M           If you know me, you will probably know that I love gardens and am always on the lookout for a new one to visit.  I’m not really sure when my love for gardens began but I can say that it goes back as far as I can remember.  Luckily, there is an insane amount of them in Southern California.  That is one thing I really love about living here.  Gardens and parks are everywhere and no snow to kill the flowers.  I recently found the Niguel Botanical Preserve…

  • Los Angeles,  Outfits

    Travel Graphic Tees

    TEE: Target  |  SHORTS: Target  |  SNEAKERS: Ked’s  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero U.V.  |  BACK PACK: Sole Society          Do you love graphic travel-themed t-shirts too? I just feel like they are an interesting casual clothing item.  I love how you can dress them up or dress them down.  You can find them from so many places as well.  I love getting them as souvenirs because they bring back happy memories and generally don’t cost too much.  I am not opposed to getting them from chain stores or regular shopping places if I have visited the place on the tee.             I got…

  • newport beach sculpture park
    Los Angeles,  Outfits

    Pink Sheer Floral Top

    TOP: Blossom Brigade  |  PANTS: H&M  |  SHOES: Lulu’s  |  BAG: Forever 21  |  RESIN HAIR CLIP: Dollar Tree  |  BEADED BOBBY PIN: H&M (available in store, on sale)           This beautiful top is new to my store, Blossom Brigade.  It’s self-drafted, and hand sewn.  I fully designed and made it myself.  I fell in love with the fabric and instantly wanted to make a little mock-neck top.  I originally wanted it to be long sleeve but it took a while to make the pattern and I thought it would be better to make it short sleeved.  This one is for me, and just the sample.…