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    Casual Warm Weather Outfit

    T-SHIRT: Topshop  |  SHORTS: Anthropologie  |  SANDALS: Report  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx           I had decided that I wasn’t going to upload this post because the outfit doesn’t seem fitting for the season.  It’s weird wearing shorts and a tee in the late fall.  I felt like a lot of people wouldn’t be able to relate and therefore wouldn’t be interested.  I decided to upload it anyway because it’s my real outfit and I really like these shorts.  I’m not crazy about the combo, but individually I love them.  I might blog about these items again in the future, styled in a different way.  

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    New Home Decor Part 2

    POT: Ikea  |  PLANT: Walmart           Since a few months have passed, I have collected more decor for my apartment.  I wanted to share some of the items i’ve found because I love the aesthetic that we have going on.  I’m not the type to buy expensive things (unless they are amazing) so most of these are from Ikea, Target, and Home Goods.  I will definitely be doing a part 3 of this because my apartment is almost completely furnished but I still have some more things to buy.  You can read the first post HERE CABINET: Target (in store) CANISTERS: Home Goods POT: Home Goods  |…