The Best Parts of 2020: What I’m Thankful For

Hiking in California

         2020 was a crazy year.  I normally make a list of new year’s resolutions.  Last year I made a post about it.  This year I decided to talk about all of the good things that happened in 2020 instead, because 2021 is too unpredictable to make resolutions.  But let’s be honest, I still have resolutions in my phone, I’m just not going to share them.  Although 2020 had plenty of negatives, I’m not going to pretend that it was without positives.  I feel like I did so many fun things and am still thankful for so much.  

-Made it to one full year of marriage.  Doesn’t sound like a lot but some people don’t make it that long. 

-My puppy Luca! We got him right before Covid really struck.  I’ve wanted my own dog for so long and I had to do so much to make it a reality.  I had to find a better job so I cold afford him, then find an affordable apartment that allows dogs, then find an affordable dog.  I can’t imagine having gone through 2020 without him.  He is just so perfect.  Also, I’ve always wanted a pomeranian.  

-All the time that I had off.  Sure, I’ve had some financial struggles but I’m not going to lie, I don’t like working.  I got furloughed from my job for several months.  That’s a lot of free time!

-We got our apartment nearly fully furnished.  This is only really exciting because I genuinely love the outcome.  

-I went hiking and to the beach a lot.  I love to do both of those things and it has been really nice to have a lot of time to do them.  I love to be outside.

-We saw bioluminescence.  That’s something that was on my bucket list.  I just love accomplishing those goals.  We saw it when it was present in Newport.  

-We were able to take a few small trips when cases were lower.  We went to Big Sur again for our one year anniversary.  It’s where we got married and wanted to bring our puppy.  We had booked a trip to Japan for our anniversary but obviously had to cancel. Then we went to Utah for a few days.  We went to some National Parks, which was really fun.  Finally, we were able to fly back to Indiana to visit family around Halloween.  

-Went snorkeling with sharks.  It was really amazing and I never saw myself doing that but I’m so glad I did.  

-All the delicious food that I ate this year.  

-Went whale watching again.  We didn’t see any whales this time but we did see a bunch of dolphins.  

-All of the fun day trips.  We were able to go back to some of my favorite places this year; Solvang, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Big Bear Lake, and Laguna.  

-Seeing the “Christmas Star” (Jupiter and Saturn) 


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