100K Page Views

HEADBAND: H&M  |  SWEATER: Max Studio (T.J. Maxx)

          I know 100,000 page views isn’t many for a lot of bloggers.  Some people get that many in a month and a lot of people are way past that.  But for me, it’s something to be proud of.  I’ve worked really hard with being consistent with my blog posts for years.  Honestly, it’s only because I love it.  I’m not trying to make money or just get noticed.  I try to blog about what I want and only collaborate with brands that I am interested in.  It’s just nice to feel like people are actually listening when you write, even when you stick to topics only you like.  When I first started my blog I would get excited if I got a few views per post, but mostly felt like I was talking to nobody.  Of course I would love my blog to grow and keep at it, but even if I stopped tomorrow I would be happy with the progress I made.  It seems like the perfect time to meet this little goal because of the new year coming up.  2019 was an amazing year, but 2020 could be even better.  I’m super thankful to every person that has clicked on my blog in the past.  Thank you to all of my readers!


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