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30th Birthday on Catalina Island

DRESS: Roxy  |  SANDALS: Report

          I celebrated my 30th birthday on Sunday and Monday, at Catalina Island with my fiancé and his family.  It was a really nice way to celebrate a birthday, especially a big one like 30.  There is a ton to do on the island and it’s really beautiful.  We went Kayaking, rented a tandem bike, visited the botanic gardens, ate a ton of good food, shopped, and explored.  We had a seal swim around us a few times while we were on the Kayaks.  It was really cool to be so close to one while he was fishing.  I loved riding the tandem bike too.  I’ve always wanted to ride one!  It’s been on my bucket list for several years.  It’s much harder than it looks.  
          This dress that I am wearing is by Roxy.  I bought it on the island after feeling unsatisfied with not having anything special to wear on my birthday.  I bought 5 dresses from Asos before we went, hoping to find the perfect one for my birthday.  None of them fit.  I will probably just return all of them.  I really love this one.  It fits so well and was perfect for the occasion.  It’s a bit beach-y but not too casual.  


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