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5 Reasons to Love Midi Dresses

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DRESS: Sim & Sam  |  BAG: Topshop  |  SANDALS: Shade & Shore  |  SUNGLASSES: Glik’s  |  NECKLACE: Sugarfix by Baublebar

          1.  Midi dresses are super easy to wear. Like all dresses, they are one item of clothing that you don’t necessarily have to worry about styling and matching with other things.  You just slip it on and go.  Since they are longer they are so easy to wear because you don’t have to be as careful about it blowing up.  

          2.  You can always dress them up and style them in different ways.  They are really fun to layer.  I feel like they look a bit more fashion-forward than shorter dresses, so it can look really cool when you layer them or style them up.  I like to wear tops over mine, so they double as skirts.  I will also pair them with jackets and cardigans.  I have a look that I really want to create with one of my midi dresses and a sweater vest.  I don’t have the vest yet, though.  If I get the right one it will create a whole new look.  

          3.  They feel a bit more dressed up than shorter dresses, whether they or casual or dressy).  I love how you just feel like a princess or something but in a casual everyday way, haha.  They are just very fun. 

          4.  They are flattering and elongating.  If you find one that doesn’t end in the middle of the calf, they are super flattering.  I always go for the longer silhouettes.  I think they make me look a bit taller and slimmer because of the long narrow shape.  

          5.  They are very trendy at the moment so they are super easy to find and accessible.  There is pretty much any length or style available right now because they are everywhere.  You can finds several variations in quality and price point too.  If you ever wanted one, now is the time.  


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