California Dreaming
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A Colorful Instagram Guide to LA

Je T'aime LA
California Dreaming

California Dreaming Mural (Located at Chinese Laundry HQ)

8304 Melrose Ave. By this business on Melrose

Art installation at the South Coast Botanic Garden

the blue portion of the wall of the Planet Salon Mural

Free People at Del Amo Fashion Center


“Light Gate” at Manhattan Beach City Hall


Chinatown has so many colorful spots!


Art Installation at Descanso Gardens inside the art buildings

Window Display at 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.  It’s on the second floor of the part that is linked

          I have been very slowly working on this colorful Instagram Guide to L.A. for a few years now.  If you follow me on any platform, you would probably know that I love color.  I love combining color with nature and travel.  I adore seeking out the most colorful spots to take photos wherever I go.  That’s why I wanted to put together one post that has a bunch of my favorite spots in and around Los Angeles.  

          Now, I’m not saying these are the absolute most colorful spots or that this is anywhere near all of them.  This is just the most colorful places I’ve come across.  I know there are tons more. Pretty much all of Southern California is full of colorful walls, murals, and random little Instagram-able spots.  That’s one of my favorite things about living here (aside from the beaches, weather, and entertainment).  Some of these are very popular but I didn’t want to not include them.  


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