A Little N.Y.E. D.I.Y.

 This D.I.Y. is to make a necklace for New Years, to commemorate the year before.  Ever since I was younger I used to use a jar to collect air from that year.  On N.Y.E. I would find a jar, put some glitter in it, glue the lid on, and write the year on it.  I know, it’s strange.  It’s something my friends and I did just for fun.  This year I thought it would be cute to use this tiny jar to make a necklace.  Cork probably isn’t air tight, but I’m pretending it is.  I think this would be a fun little thing to do at a party, perhaps with children.  
1. Glitter
2. Little bottle charm
3. Fine point marker
4. Glue
5. Chain & clasp
6. clear tape
7. air
The process it pretty self explanatory.  Put Glitter in the bottle, with “air.”  Then, glue the cork in the bottle.  Next, write the year on the bottle.  I used this Micron pen.  I think it’s permanent, but I’m not sure.  I just put a little square of scotch tape over it so it doesn’t smudge.  Finally, Put it on a chain for a necklace.  

This is the end result of mine.  : )

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