A Quick Visit to Grand Teton National Park

rainy day

          This post is the first of many from my trip to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Canada.  I don’t know if this area of the U.S. has a name… Every map I look at seems to call it something different.  I’ll just call it the Rocky Mountain region.  On this trip we (me, my husband, and my dogs) visited Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff, Waterton Lakes, and Kootenay National Parks.  

          The first park we visited was Grand Teton.  We were shorted a few hours there because of an issue with the rental car.  We were supposed to spend most of the day there but had to drive back to the airport and switch out the car. That took a few hours and by the time we got to Jackson Hole we were starving and had to eat.  Then it started raining only a few hours before sunset.  We decided just to go to the hotel for the night and come back before sunrise and have the morning to spend in the park.  We also went to Yellowstone that day so it was a very long day.  

          We weren’t able to do any hikes in Grand Teton because we had our dogs with us.  We did the scenic drive around the park.  I wish I could tell you exactly what that is but there seems to be a few and I don’t remember which portion we did.  We stopped at a bunch of pull-offs to take in the views.  The photo of the lake is Jenny Lake.  It was super pretty.  It’s a good stop to make if you have dogs because it’s paved and you can just walk right up to it.  There is also a gift shop and restroom.  The photo above the lake one is from the night before when it was raining.  We entered the park for a bit and decided to leave but the mountains looked pretty with the fog.  I’d like to return to this park some day and see more of it.  Let me know if you have been and what your favorite part was.  


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