All-Time Favorite Instagram Pics

          While reflecting back at my normal life from quarantine, I decided to post about my favorite photos.  This was incredibly difficult to do because I love all of my Instagram pictures.  At first I decided to choose 10, then 20, now I have nearly 40.  I couldn’t eliminate it any further but I still have a ton of runner ups.  I have so many amazing memories when I look at these pictures.  That is one of the many reasons why I love blogging and Instagram.  It’s so easy to look back at the best moments of the past few years.  My account is @fancyfashioncastle, if you’d like to see the others and maybe follow me.  I’m just going to do a short explanation of each pic.  These are in no particular order.  

The day we brought home our new puppy Luca!

Fall leaves at Big Bear 

Chinatown in L.A. 

Flying into Chicago for my wedding reception

The day we got married in Carmel, CA

Really tall waterfall at Haleakala National Park on our honeymoon

Just some flowers and a sunset on the shores of Lake Michigan

Gary Air Show in my Gray Malin boater Sperrys

The day we got married in Big Sur

Road trip through Canada, Lake Superior

My favorite Easter Dress

Hiking my favorite trail in Sequoia National Park

A pretty sunset.  I just love the lighting and color.

One of my favorite spots in Big Sur

The Flower Fields, and one of my favorite type of flower.  Ranunculus were in my wedding bouquet.  

A sea cave near where I live

Pretty picture of Laguna 

Hiking at the Indiana Dunes State Park on a Black Friday

D.I.Y. engagement photos

A very pretty pic of Paris

A colorful pic in London

I’m a big fan of cute inflatables 

Hiking to Queens Bath in Hawaii

Running and jumping on the red dirt in Kauai 

Pretty views and flowers in Yosemite N.P. 

The engagement photo that was on our “save the date.”

My families dog, Skipper in his element

Climbing on rocks at Lake Superior

Poppy fields at Walker Canyon, CA

After getting engaged in Paris. 

A beach bag that my mom gave me

At the beach in Indiana

A really hot day in Louisville

Sand dunes in Lake Michigan at a beach we call “secret beach”

Sparkly buildings in Toronto

Millennium Park, Chicago

Another floaty pic, from the blog


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  • the creation of beauty is art.

    All of these pictures are so gorgeous! Wow! Thank you for a lovely dose of inspiration today.
    the creation of beauty is art.

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