gingerbread house
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Another Gingerbread House

gingerbread house
A-frame house

          I made a gingerbread house from scratch this year.  The only other time I’ve done it was in 2020.  I most likely wouldn’t be blogging about it but I don’t have any other blog posts planned at the moment.  Making gingerbread houses is super fun because it’s almost like playing architect, but with cookies.  When I was younger there was a brief period of time where I wanted to be an architect as my profession.  It’s something that I am still interested in, to some degree.  I’m not saying that gingerbread houses are anything like real houses, it’s just fun to design.  

          To make this house I just followed a gingerbread house recipe that I found online.  I don’t want to share the recipe because I actually wasn’t very happy with it.  I tried to use the one I used last time but the webpage no longer exists.  I should have copied it into my cook book.  Anyway, after baking and rolling out the dough I cut out the pieces.  I designed the pattern myself just by cutting out paper pieces and fitting them together as if they were cookies.  

          I decided to make an a-frame this year because it’s one of the house styles that I love.  Me and my husband have been considering building our own home in the near future, and that is one of our options.  This gingerbread house is actually very similar looking to the one that I have in my head as my real life house.  I want the outside to be this shade of blue, with an arched door and a similar style of windows.  Next year I will probably do a tudor or victorian style house.  


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