Army Green Bikinis from Zaful

           Since summer is right around the corner I thought that I would let you guys know that Zaful has a bunch of army green bikinis and black halter bikinis.  This is the green one that I like best.  The top is a little bit more unique with the ruffles.  It comes in a variety of other colors too.  I’ve been seeing a ton of army green lately.  It’s the type of color that you can wear like a neutral, but it’s not actually one.  I love the silhouette of this black halter bikini.  It looks sleek and flattering.  I have been wanting a black swimsuit for a long time but never find one that I like enough to buy.  I love the halter neck style.  It just reminds me of the 90’s when I was little.  Halter style swimsuits come into style from time to time but they always seem rare to me.  I thing it’s because even when they are in style triangle bikinis are still more popular.  

          This other army green bikini above has an interesting arrangement of seams on the top.  It gives the swimsuit a lot of added interest.  I just feel like with swimsuits, they can be very plain sometimes.  I’m not a fan of plain swimsuits, unless I am feeling particularly minimal.  That’s very rare, though.  The bottoms are extremely “cheeky” though, which is not my taste.  I know that’s another trend that so many people like.  

          This peachy pink colored swimsuit is the prettiest color.  It seems like people just can’t get enough pink right now.  This includes me.  Everything from chairs to clothing, I find myself lusting after if it’s pink.  Not a bright pink, it has to be mauve or this type of lighter pink.  I always refer to it as 50’s pink because that’s what it reminds me of.  I also really like the way there is a strap on these bottoms that goes around your waist.  I think it would look interesting on.  This suit is just very minimal without being boring.  

          This other swimsuit is the T Back Braided Bikini Set.  It’s this sunny yellow color with braided string on the top and bottom.  There is a section of it on the sides and back.  It is kind of a macrame style braid.  It looks super beach-y with this detail.  I also have to point out that the bottoms are “cheeky” if anybody is thinking of getting this and wants more coverage.  

          My favorite categories to shop at Zaful are Swimwearand Jumpsuits & Rompers.  Out of all of the swimsuits that they have right now I think I want this onethe most.  I absolutely love the colors and style.  I’ve really been loving one-piece swimsuits lately because they look so fashion forward.  They aren’t the best for getting tan but they are great to wear before you get tan.  It’s hard to tell how high-waisted the bottom portion of this is but if it comes just above the belly button it would be perfect!

This romper is from my other favorite category, Jumpsuits and Rompers.  I think it is beautiful.  It would perfect to wear to a spring or summer party.  I would love to wear this to a graduation or something like that.  It’s so pretty and feminine.  I honestly just love everything about it.  The style is perfect and the fabric is beautiful.  


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