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          Over Memorial Day weekend my husband and I decided to take a little last minute trip to Death Valley National Park.  Since he had never been, we have been wanting to go.  I went a few years ago with my family (see that post here).  We realized that it is almost summer and will be too hot to go for a while.  We also had a free hotel night from and figured it would be a good time to use it.  This was our third free night from that site and I highly recommend it.  

          Death Valley seriously has so much to do.  It is one of my favorite National Parks!  Before going there I just though it was a basic desert that happens to be the hottest place with the lowest elevation.  It is so much more than that.  There is still a ton that I haven’t had time to do and I’ve been twice.  There are sand dunes, salt flats, salt formations, multiple canyon drives and hikes, amazing geological formations, a volcanic crater, mysterious moving rocks, an old borax mine, mountains, and so much more.  It’s very diverse.  
          If you go, there are a few things to keep in mind.  It is the hottest place on earth.  The hottest recorded temperature was 134 degrees at Furnace Creek.  Since it is so hot you really need to make sure you have tons of drinking water and a full tank of gas as often as possible.  We brought three water bottles (which we refilled at the visitor’s center) and two gallons of water.  We were only there for one day.  Also, it only reached just over 100 degrees.  Depending on when you go it may be a lot hotter.  I think I sweated more than I ever have in my whole life.  You can’t use air conditioning in your car because your car might overheat.  Regardless of the heat, it was still very fun.  It doesn’t feel as hot as it is because it’s not humid.  That’s what makes it bearable.  I recommend doing any hikes in the morning.  We still want to go back in the future because we haven’t seen everything.  


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