Woman in Zion

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Woman in Zion
River in Utah
Mountains in Zion
Walking in Zion National Park
Zion National Park

sitting on a wall in Zion

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         The third National Park we visited on our trip to Utah was Zion.  I’ve been a few times but it was too conveniently located to pass up.  We also went to Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon.  Zion is pretty close to those parks.  We also stopped at Dixie National Forest but I won’t be doing a post about that because I don’t have enough photos.  We only spent a few hours here because half of the park was closed to anybody who doesn’t have a shuttle pass.  Dogs aren’t allowed on the shuttle so we couldn’t get one.  I am pretty sure this was put in place to limit the number of visitors because of the Pandemic.  It was totally fine thought because we didn’t have very long to spend here.  We had to drive all the way back to L.A. the same day.  

          Overall this trip was a very nice little escape from being stuck in L.A.  With everything going on, we haven’t been able to do as much.  Although I do love living in a city I have been missing nature.  I grew up in a much more rural area in Indiana so I get tired of the city life very quickly.  I need breaks once in a while.  If you are planning a road trip during these times be sure to plan ahead.  Do your research as far as where to sleep and where to stop for breaks and food.  We tried to keep stops to a minimum.  It worked out pretty well because like I said before, we brought a lot of food and booked hotels in advance.  There was one other stop we made just outside of Las Vegas (Seven Magic Mountains).  That will be in my next post.  

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