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Black on Black

SWEATER: Zaful  |  JEANS: Forever 21 |  BERET: Rue 21 |  BOOTS: Primark

          I finally got a beret while Black Friday shopping.  I used to have one in High School that I wore all the time but I lost it.  It’s funny because I was just in Paris and saw them for sale everywhere.  I thought about getting one but decided not to and have regretted it every day since.  As soon as I got home they start popping up everywhere, and became super trendy.  I have been wanting one because I have always loved the style but it would have been nice to have one from Paris instead of Rue 21.  
          I like it paired with this new sweater from Zaful.  I ordered it because I love the allover embroidery.  I am very happy with the design but it is much more cropped then it appears to be one the website and the sleeves are very oversized and I have to roll them up.  It’s just overall too big.  Since I love the design so much, I’m still going to wear it.  


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