Birthday Weekend in Chicago

DRESS: ASOS | TIGHTS: Walgreens | BOOTS: Sugar | PURSE: H&M | NECKLACE: H&M (in store)
SWEATER: H&M | JEANS: Blue Spice | COAT: Forever 21
          My birthday was this past weekend.  I was lucky enough that my birthday fell on a Saturday this year so my boyfriend and I went on a little weekend staycation to Chicago.  I am calling it a staycation because I don’t exactly live in Chicago but it is only 45 minutes away.  We stayed at the Kimpton Hotel Allegro Saturday night.  I highly recommend that hotel because it was perfect. It’s super conveniently located and really nice.  The style of the decor it kind of like a modern art deco style.  It’s very clean and I loved every second we spent there.  
          On my birthday, the first thing we did is head over to the Willis Tower and go in the Skydeck.  Last time I went there it was dark out by the time we got up, so I have always wanted to return during the daytime.  The views from up there are really amazing.  I’m not sure if I prefer it in the light or at night.  One thing I learned about Chicago that I didn’t know before is that Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper.  
          We did a lot of shopping and eating.  I didn’t have a ton of money to spend but I was looking for something specific.  I really want a rose gold Scorpio necklace.  I was on the hunt for one all weekend, but never found one.  I think I will just get one from Etsy.  We ate at a lot of different places.  They were all amazing.  Aside from all of this, we just did a lot of walking around.  We hung out in Millennium Park for a little while too.  I’m not a huge fan of the bean because it is always so crowded but I genuinely love the park for the gardens and other things to do.  
         The dress that I wore on Saturday is from ASOS.  I chose it especially for my birthday.  I just fell in love with the pleats that go across the front and down the arms.  It’s just so unique.  I’ve really never seen another dress like it.  After this past weekend I realized that I have never had to work on my birthday.  I’m not sure how I have gotten so lucky up to this point and I’m sure it won’t last forever.  I am just one of those people that really likes to celebrate holidays and birthdays so I normally just request it off if I need to.  Next year is my golden birthday.  Hopefully I have that off too.  


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