Blazer/Scarf/Stripes Combo

Blazer: Forever 21
Shirt: Ralph Lauren 
Jeans: Forever 21
Scarf: Target I think
Boots: Kohl’s 
Rings: Forever 21

          First off I’d like to point out that I changed my Trend of the Month to November so take a look at that   Here or on that page.  Overall this month has been a pretty exciting for me.  I started interning for a fashion designer in Chicago, Anastasia Chatzka.  You can find her store in Wicker Park or online at www.anastasiachatzka.com.  Also, Taylor Swift’s new album came out a bit ago so that has been keeping me distracted from this cold weather.  Thanksgiving is coming up too.  I’ve been looking forward to getting a break from working.  
          As for my outfit, the inspiration was layering.  As i’ve said many times before, I love stripes and floral together.  That’s why I chose this Ralph Lauren striped shirt to wear with the scarf.  I wore the scarf because it matches the blazer.  I also love how the blazer looks somewhat nautical, which ties in the stripes.  I really didn’t put as much thought into this outfit when I put it on as I am now.  I really love layers.  I think they give a lot of interest and dimension to an outfit.  They keep it interesting.  I’m sure you have noticed how much of my clothing comes from Forever 21.  I know it’s a lot.  I have been trying to get better about not buying too much from there.  It’s really hard though, because everything is so affordable and I always find things I like.  Forever 21 is really reliable too.  If I am looking for a particular trend piece, I can normally count on Forever 21 to carry it.  And of course just when I decide to shop there less the nearest mall to me opens one up.  It may be hard to avoid.  


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