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Basic Blush Sweater

Please disregard the hair over my headband ?

SWEATER: H&M (I think this is it) | JEANS: Forever 21 | COAT: H&M | BOOTS: Sugar | HEADBAND: Forever 21 (similar) | PURSE: H&M | MITTENS: Forever 21 (on sale in store) | RING: Rosegal

           Writing this post makes me realize how much I need to start shopping at more stores besides Forever 21 and H&M.  I mean I do shop at a lot of other places but I rely on those stores too much at the same time.  Most of my outfit is from either of those places.  I got this sweater on Black Friday and it is one of my favorite tops of the winter.  It’s so comfortable and versatile.  The color is kind of a blush shade.  It’s so pretty.  I also really love the mock neck trend because it actually keeps your neck warm and I think it’s really flattering.  
          It snowed a little bit over the weekend so I wanted to go outside and walk around a little today. I also cut my hair a few days ago.  I have been wanting a change for a while but I wasn’t sure what to do.  I have had pretty much the same hairstyle for most of my life.  I used to have bangs and that’s really the only thing that has changed.  I decided just to cut it shorter because the ends are very dry from winter and it provides that fresh feeling I was looking for.  I’m happy about it because I actually really like it and by the time summer comes, I think it will be long again.  I always like having long hair in the summer because it makes you feel just a little bit more like a mermaid.  


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