Bright White

Top: My own Design
White Jeans: Lauren Conrad
Purse: unsure (Plato’s Closet)
Shoes: H&M
Ring: Old Navy
       I have made this top a while ago and have been unsure what to wear with.  Then I was inspired by some other bloggers by the whole “white on white” look.  doubling up on the same color is kind of risky I would say but when it’s white or black it’s easy.  Today I chose white.  
       I also want to talk about how Old Navy now has a jewelry section.  I normally do not shop there because I just find their clothing to be very plain and boring, but now I can go for the jewelry.  It’s pretty well priced and somewhat reminds me of H&M’s jewelry.  Perhaps it’s the styles or the quality that makes me thing of H&M, I haven’t decided yet.  That’s where I got this ring from that I love o-so-much.  So if you haven’t been lately u may want to give Old Navy another chance.  

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