Joshua tree campground

Camping at Jumbo Rocks Campground, Joshua Tree

Joshua tree campground
sitting on the edge
night sky
campground at night
joshua tree
joshua trees
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Keys view

          My husband and I went on a little camping trip this past weekend to Joshua Tree National Park.  We have been several times but have only camped there once before.  The first time was such a memorable and amazing experience because we went on a night when the sky was clear and the moon was dim.  The stars were absolutely insane.  This time around I really wanted to stay at Jumbo Rocks campground, which is the coolest campground in the park.  In my opinion, it’s one of the coolest campgrounds in the country.  It’s full of giant boulders and the sites are nestled between them.  I absolutely love this campground.  I can’t wait to go again someday.  The stars were not quite as bright this time but they were still amazing.  It really reminds you that we are literally in outer space.  I was able to take some photos of the stars.  It’s something that i’ve always wanted to do, but never have.  I know it’s not that difficult.  It was only a matter of learning how.  I’m sure my photos aren’t perfect but I’m just so happy I was able to capture stars.  

          Some tips for camping at Joshua Tree

-The weather there is often very extreme.  The first time we went it was over 100 degrees.  This trip, it dipped below 40 degrees overnight.  It’s hard to get a site during perfect weather so be prepared to be really hot or really cold. 

-There is no water or electric in the campgrounds.  There are no showers and only outhouses.  Make sure you bring enough water. 

-Since it can be really difficult to get a campsite during the best weather, you might have to do a bit of website stalking or go on a weekday. 

-Like any National Park, there aren’t a lot of restaurants and gas stations within close proximity.  Bring snacks and make sure to gas up.  

garden green house
          We also stopped in Palm Springs for part of the first day of our trip.  We didn’t do a ton of things.  We ate at In n’ Out, stopped by a park, and went to this garden I had been wanting to go to.  The garden is called Moorten Botanical Garden.  It’s a super cute little cactus garden right in town.  It’s only $5 to get in and allows dogs.  I am always on the lookout for dog-friendly activities.  It’s worth a visit if you are in Palm Springs and it doesn’t take very long to see all of it. I think it only took an hour or less.  

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