Picacho Peak

Camping at Picacho Peak State Park, AZ

side of mountain

          This past weekend my husband, dog, and I went on a short camping trip to southern Arizona.  We had been wanting to take our dog camping for the first time and it’s been too cold in California.  We camped at Picacho Peak State Park.  We spent the first day exploring that park and the second day in Saguaro National Park.  

          Camping at Picacho Peak is really nice.  The campground itself was very clean and has fire pits, showers, and electric.  It’s nice because you can make reservations in advance.  I usually have to stay at a place that allows reservations because I’m never willing to take the chance of not having a place to stay (especially if I am traveling really far).  The site we stayed in was $30 dollars.  The entrance fee for the park for the day is $7, if you aren’t camping.  

           The day we spent hiking at the state park, we hiked the main trail of the peak.  There are a few other trails, but this one seemed like the best because it wasn’t too long.  It is called Hunter Trail and is considered “difficult” because it is completely uphill and is very rocky.  Parts of the trail have cables that you can hold because it is so steep.  We didn’t hike the very last bit because it looked too difficult with our dog but we did make it most of the way up.  He is so surprisingly good at hiking for a tiny Pomeranian.  it was honestly hard to keep up with him.  I’d love to go camping there again someday.  I think it would be so nice when the flowers bloom a little bit more.  My next post will be about Saguaro National Park, so check it out.  


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