sequoia tree

Camping in Sequoia National Forest

sequoia tree
trail of 100 giants
pomeranian camping
kern river

          This past weekend I went camping in Sequoia National Forest.  We (my husband and I) stayed at Quaking Aspen Campground.  We hadn’t been to that campground before but I highly recommend it. It was really nice for a national property campground.  Normally they are pretty minimal.  This one doesn’t have showers but it was still really nice.  We visited Sequoia National Park a few years ago and I had been wanting to go camping somewhere.  Since the National Forest allows dogs on trails we decided to go there.  Normally National Parks don’t allow dogs on trails but National Forests usually do.  I love the feel of being around the Sequoia trees because they are just so enchantingly massive.  The drive is only about 4 hours from L.A. (without traffic).  It makes the perfect weekend trip.  

          A lot of the trails that I wanted to go on were closed because there was a big fire there in 2020.  It was so sad to see all of the damage that the fire did.  The trails that we were able to do were Trail of 100 Giants, Dome Rock, and a little area of the Kern River where you can access the water.  The trail that I wanted to do the most that was closed is called Needles Point Lookout.  Hopefully it opens up again in the future.  I’d love to go back.  


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