Canada Part Two

Aguasabon Falls 

A pelican (surprising right?)

Stopped at this cute cafe for coffee 

More of Pukaskwa National Park

“Birthplace” of Winnie the Poo

Lake Superior Provincial Park

JOGGERS: Forever 21
LEGGINGS: Forever 21

           This post consists of my remaining time in Canada.  This first waterfall, Aguasabon Falls, was extremely impressive.  We were driving around the coast of Lake Superior and just found it.  It is right off the highway.  You can’t tell in the picture but you can actually see Lake Superior on the horizon from the falls.  We also came across this bay area in one of the little towns.  I learned that there are pelicans that live in the area.  I was so excited and surprised when I learned this because I love pelicans and everything related to the ocean, but I also love the Great Lakes.  It just makes me really happy to see pelicans coming into this region because we have so many fish for them to eat.  

          Here are more photos of Pukaskwa National Park.  Like I said in my last post, there are so many cool trails with rocky shoreline to hike along.  You can climb out on all of the rocks.  The scenery is so beautiful.  The rocks here are also some of the oldest rocks in the world that date back to around 3 billion years.  They were formed that long ago, and haven’t changed much since!

          We happened to come across the “birthplace” of Winnie the Poo.  It’s actually a pretty interesting story.  This is the site where the owner of Winnie the Poo adopted an abandoned bear cub and brought him back to England, where the book was written.  I don’t want to explain all of it but hopefully you can read the story in my picture.  

          The last location is Lake Superior Provincial Park.  It was the last major park we visited in Canada.  This park is more diverse, with lots of landscapes.  Our campground was right next to the beach with all of these colorful rocks.  It was really nice just sitting and watching the sun set before we went to bed.  We also went to another waterfall, a few different beaches, hiked around a pond where you can see moose, bears, and wolves (we didn’t see any), and hiked this rocky trail along the lake.  This trail has the Agawa Rock Pictographs that you can climb out to.  They are incredibly old paintings on the cliffs made by indigenous tribes of North America.  



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