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Celebrating My Birthday in Laguna

Laguna Beach
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Southern California beach

DRESS: H&M  |  CARDIGAN: Nordstrom Rack  |  SANDALS: Forever 21  |  BAG: Coach  |  NECKLACE: Cotton On

          My 32nd birthday is today (Oct. 29th).  I celebrated over the weekend by going to Big Bear Lake Saturday and Laguna Beach on Sunday.  I will do a little bit of celebrating today as well.  It’s really hard to figure out how to celebrate a birthday when a lot of stuff is closed and you aren’t supposed to see anybody or travel too much.  I really struggled this year figuring out what I wanted to do.  Aside from the restrictions, we took a little trip to Utah and Arizona recently and when we decided to do that I said that we could use my birthday celebration money for the trip.  So, technically I wasn’t even supposed to spend any money this past weekend.  Utah and Arizona was my idea.  Anyway, I chose to go to Laguna because it is my favorite local spot in California.  I absolutely love it and can’t get enough of it.  If I were super rich, I would definitely move there.  What we did that day was walk the path by the cliffs, sit at the beach for a bit, go get some carry-out (spent a little money), and took the food to a really pretty park to eat, then we stopped by a mall on the way home.  It was a really nice and relaxing day.  

          I wore this midi dress that I got from H&M.  I actually bought another dress for my birthday from Lulu’s but I was too chilly to wear it.  I might wear it on my actual birthday for a bit.  I paired this dress with this cute bobble-sleeve cardigan from Nordstrom Rack.  I have been wanting a cardigan like this for a few years now.  I just think it looks so cool.  I really love how the two pair together.  I chose to pair my Scorpio necklace with this dress (you can’t see it) because it just seemed like the perfect birthday accessory.  


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