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Christmas Tree Updates 2019


 (also available on Amazon) from Anthropologie.  I bought it for myself with birthday money.  

Smokey the Bear ornament made of wood.  This came from Big Bear Lake

but kind of represents all of our trips to State and National Parks.  

This is a piñata from Target, but represents when we went to Mexico together.  

This is a tiny Mickey Mouse hat that came from Disneyland.  I got it when I went for my birthday.  

This one is from Yosemite National Park

 We hiked the Mist Trail and found this ornament that has the hike one it!

This adorable pineapple came from Kauai, Hawaii when we went on our honeymoon.  

We bought this from a tiny boutique in Maui, about halfway through the Road to Hana (also on our honeymoon).

We’ve had the same Christmas Tree theme for the past 3 years and I think we plan on keeping it forever.  I’ve spoken about it before, but if you don’t know, our theme is travel.  Whenever we go on a trip we try to buy an ornament from that place.  I think this is the perfect tree theme because it is super meaningful and memorable, but also gives the tree a theme and keeps it cohesive.  You get to buy a souvenir from places but don’t have a bunch of useless clutter.  I also have more general ornaments that relate to travel or buy ones that represent a place we went to when we couldn’t find one.  Here are some of my favorite new ones we got this past year.  I think we bought 11 new ones, these are just my favorites.  Some other changes we made to the tree this year is that we got a bigger star and a tree skirt.  The star is from Target and the skirt is from Home Goods.

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