Custom Cases with CaseApp + Giveaway

Dress: Forever 21
Laptop Skin and Phone Case: CaseApp
Choker: D.I.Y.
          Both of these beautiful cases are from CaseApp!  CaseApp is a website that lets you create your own custom cases for your electronic devices.  They have tons of options for computers and phones.  I designed this laptop skin and case myself, using some of my favorite pictures from my Instagram.  You can put any picture on your case you want and add different fonts and clipart images.  The options are endless.  I chose to design one of each.  They kind of go together.  You also have the option of buying one of the already designed cases, all of which are really cool.  Another great thing is that you can design your own cases for around the same price as just buying one from anywhere else.  They are really good quality and feel very protective.  
          I decided to use my Instagram pictures because I have a very real obsession with Instagram.  I’m pretty sure I have talked about it before. You can check out my Instagram and follow me if you feel like it. 🙂  I chose pictures for my cases that remind me of my travels.  The pictures on my laptops skin from left to right are, Honduras, Mexico, my Aunt’s yard, San Francisco, Key West, Marathon Key, Disneyland, Sand Francisco, Big Sur, flying over Louisiana, New Orleans, and New York City.  The image on my phone case was taken in Grand Cayman.  I decided put the quote “Mermaid at Heart” because I love mermaids and have been looking for a cool mermaid-related case.  I never really found one I wanted.  When I got the opportunity to design my own case, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  
          If you are interested in designing your own case with CaseApp, you can use this coupon code to get 20% off: FANCYFASHION20.  I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY, for the opportunity to design a free item from CaseApp.  This is a random drawing and the winner gets one item up to a $40 value. To enter just follow my blog, if you have a gmail account by clicking the “Join This Site” button or follow me on Instagram.  Also, leave a comment below letting me know you are interested with a way to contact you.  You can leave a link to your blog, twitter, or an e-mail address.  Giveaway ends July 31st. 


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