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Day Trip to Solvang

TOP: Lulu’s  |   SKIRT: Lulu’s  |  SANDALS: Forever 21  |  BAG: Coach  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx 

          I’ve been wanting to return to Solvang since we moved to California but we haven’t really gotten around to it until now.  Last time I was there was almost 5 years ago.  It was raining and cloudy, not the best day.  It’s a little over 2 hours from Los Angeles, good for a day trip.  I love European inspired towns.  This one is Danish and every single corner of this town fits that theme.  If that’s your thing (like it is mine) you should really check it out sometime.  There are tons of cute shops, restaurants, bakeries, wineries, and hotels.  Of course, not all of that is open right now.  We didn’t stay the whole day because it was 90 degrees out and more crowded than I would have liked (especially right now).  We still had a lot of fun and my pom puppy loved it too.  He seems to love little day trips like this.  We just went in a few shops, walked around and took photos, and got a pretzel and some fudge.  I would definitely like to come back when it’s not so hot or rainy.  


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