DealSale Outfit

Top: DealSale
Skirt: DealSale
Tights: Target
Shoes: Wanted
         I am sorry to say that Summer is officially over.  This is my first time I’ve worn tights since Spring, even though it’s a little warm out still.  I feel like they were a necessity with this outfit.  I got the skirt and sweatshirt from DealSale.  I did a post a little while ago about my DealSale Wishlist and these are the items I ended up getting.  I decided to wear them together, because I think they go.  I am in love with the sweatshirt.  It’s really simple, has a nice fit, and I love the design.  I can’t wait to wear it during these upcoming cold months.  I love the floral design on the skirt.  I wasn’t expecting it to be this fabric, but I think it would be good to wear for a specific occasion.  You can download the DealSale app very easily on your smart phone, and just shop from there.  You can just scroll through the first page or search for a specific item.  Just check out the app Here!


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