Easter Dress

This was my first Easter
that I didn’t spend with family. It was one of my better Easters since I got to
do what I want and hang out with my boyfriend.  I made cupcakes,
cheesecake, feasted on candy and Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes (I
discovered my love for them), dyed eggs, and went to the park. The weather was
sunny and warm.  I chose to wear this dress since it is very springy and
floral.  I have had it for a little while but couldn’t find the right
occasion to wear it.  I love everything about it. I chose to style it with
my “A” necklace and a bunny necklace that I made from a charm that my
sister got off of a chocolate rabbit. 🙂  I also wore woven white and gold
flats, and wrapped a gold belt around my waist. Don’t mind the bit of fraying
on the belt, I have worn it many times.

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