Elephants at the Zoo

The shark tank where you can pet them.  One was especially cute because he would swim around with his head above the water.  

The ceiling of the room that is completely underwater, in the dolphin tank.  There is a dolphin doing a show at the bottom of the picture.  

However corny wearing elephant print to the zoo may be, I did it anyway.  I am one of those people who likes being too matchy sometimes, or wearing themed outfits to places that go along with the theme.  I try not to go overboard though.  Last weekend my family went to the zoo.  I love zoos and have not been to one in a while.  My favorite parts were the garden, outside the butterfly house, petting sharks, and the room underwater.  It is inside the dolphin tank, so the dolphin show happens above your head.  The dolphins can swim all around you.  I wore my new elephant print, peplum tank top from Forever 21.  I love it because the elephant pattern is not printed on the shirt, it’s sort of woven into the fabric in the form of shiny elephants.  It’s awesome. The back is open, with a few square stud buttons.  My necklace an antique from my great-grandma.  I recently found it in my room, after loosing it for several years.  My shorts are by Arc & Co.  They are brocade fabric, with navy trim, and high-wasted.  I decided to wear them with my top because I wanted to do a mixed print theme, involving the same color scheme.  My sandals are Candies, and my sunglasses are Mudd, both from Kohl’s.  My purse is similar to the one on my spring must-haves list.  It’s from Asos.

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