Endless Summer Tour

Floral Crown: H&M

          I just wanted to do a quick post about Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer Tour.  I went to the Chicago (Tinley Park) show.  The weather was awful and the venue is half outdoors.  It consisted of sitting outside in the rain for hours.  It was also about 45 degrees!  Chicago weather in May is totally unpredictable.  Near the end, I literally started to get hypothermia.  I had been planning my outfit for months, even bought two new dresses.  I ended up having to ditch all of that and just dress as warm as I possibly could.  I still wore my floral crown though because I bought it specifically for this show and it could fit under my hood.  I know a lot of people really hate floral crowns but I think they are pretty.  This was one of the only opportunities I think I would have to wear one again.  It was an amazing show though.  Grimes opened for her, whom I love.  I was glad to see that it wasn’t Courtney Love.  If you have tickets to this tour, it’s going to be amazing!

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