Dress: My own design
Jacket: Kohl’s (crazy, huh?!)
Boots: Target
          I’ve never really been a fan of military-style fashion in the past but when it’s something as beautiful as this jacket, it’s another story.  I came across this jacket a few years ago at Kohl’s (gasp!) and fell in love with all of the detail on the sleeves, hem, and collar.  It was one of those situations that I often come across where the item is marked down to an incredible price, and there were several in my size.  That happens to me a lot at department stores because people who aren’t interested in fashion pass over all of the cool stuff, leaving it for me to find.  They are normally super cheap too!  In addition to finding it so cheap, it’s the prettiest military-inspired jacket I have ever seen.  For the dress, I made it myself out of vintage fabric.  It’s baby doll style, but hard to tell in this post.   I tried to dye the fabric but it wouldn’t hold the dye.  I was thinking about doing something really abnormal to it, like painting it.  What do you think? Please let me know if you have any ideas.  Or, should I just keep it beige? 


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