Exploring More of London

Tower of London

Tower Bridge
St. Paul’s Cathedral

Westminster Abbey

Palace of Westminster

CARDIGAN: Primark  |  DRESS: Target  |  LEGGINGS: Forever 21
          Some of these sites were some of my favorite things to see in London.  I loved going to Tower of London because it has so much history.  I feel like you could literally feel the age radiating from it.  I know I sound crazy, lol.  Also, Westminster Cathedral and Abbey were amazing.  They are both so grand.  The Cathedral was beautiful.  I didn’t expect any of the sites of London to be a huge as they were.  Unfortunately we didn’t go into most of the things we saw because they were expensive and too time consuming.  If we went into everything we would only have time to see half of the things we saw.  Sadly, Big Ben was under construction.  The clock was still totally visible.  It was pretty surreal seeing it in real life.  That pub that is covered in flowers is called Churchill Arms.  It wasn’t open when we walked past but it’s basically my dream pub.  If you know me, you would know that I love flowers.  


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