Eyelet Romper

ROMPER: Target
PURSE: Forever 21
SANDALS: Forever 21
          I found this romper in the clearance section at Target.  What I really love about it is the color and fabric.  Eyelet always grabs my attention because it resembles lace, but is more casual.  It’s pretty and kind of sweet looking.  The color is beautiful because it’s kind of nautical looking.  I love anything thing nautical.  I thought it would be perfect to bring to Florida because of both of those reasons.  Also, I love bring rompers on vacation with me because they make cute, effortless outfits.  There is no matching involved, you just throw it on.  Rompers are cute and fun like dresses, but much more casual and effortless.  I just love them.  I always feel like you can’t go wrong with one.  


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