Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Fall Fashion Must Haves

          These are some of the trends for fall that I have been seeing around.  These are examples of my favorite 
items for this year.  I guess this is what you would call my “Fall Must-Haves.”
          1.  Chokers were everywhere in the summer and they aren’t going away for fall.  Now they are more like 
statement pieces because they are bigger, thicker, and embellished.  I love this chunky lace one from Lulus!
          2.  I’ve been seeing pink bomber jackets everywhere (I’m sure I’m not the only one) and I love them.  
Bomber jackets in general are very “in” right now, but the pink ones are just so pretty.  They just feel very 
fresh to me.  You can find this one at River Island.
          3.  I love this sweatshirt because it’s casual, cozy, and basic.  I have also been seeing a lot of simple 
sweatshirts and hoodies for fall.  I chose this one because grey is one of my favorite colors and the style of 
this one just looks so cool.  It’s from Miss Selfridge.
          4.  These furry pom pom keychains were a trend last year but I think they are going to be even bigger 
this year.  I still see them around in all of the stores and it seems like the trend is catching on more.  I have 
loved them from the beginning.  I  am hoping to buy my 3rd this year.  I found this one from Dillards.
          5.  These beautiful boots are by Valentino.  I don’t really know what to say about boots except that you 
obviously need some for fall.  Like every year, boots are a wardrobe staple.  I think chunky heeled booties are 
always my favorite.  If you want something different you could go for some over-the-knee boots or flat booties.  
I will be buying a new pair of flat booties because they are cute and so easy to walk in.  The zippers broke on 
the ones I have now.
          6.  I decided to include an umbrella in this list because they are honestly one of my favorite fall fashion 
accessories.  You can get so many cute prints.  They are essential where I live because we get a ton of rain in 
the fall.  I’m sure they are commonly overlooked when it comes to planning.  I think this one is cute from 
          7.  Velvet is always my fabric of choice for fall/winter.  It’s so soft and luxurious.  I chose this dress 
because I though it was a good example of what is popular this season.  You can pair it with a t-shirt or wear 
it by itself.  Both ways would look cool.  You can find this one at pixiemarket.com.
          8.  This Casetify phone case is super cute.  I would love to be able to have a different case for each 
season.  I’m just cheesy like that!  I chose this one because it just feels so autumnal.
          9.  I feel like this a-line skirt style is essential for fall because there are so many color and fabric options.  
They look good with or without tights, depending on the climate you live in.  They are very reminiscent of the 
90’s and would look perfect with your statement choker 😉  It’s from withchic.com
          10.  I know yellow is supposed to be very “in” this autumn.  I chose this sweater to include because I’m 
super obsessed with cable knits and the pom poms on the front.  I just feel like this is the perfect sweater for this 
fall.  You can find this one at lindex.com.
          11.  I feel like this last one is pretty self explanatory.  Leather jackets are just essential for fall.  They are 
fashionable and practical.  I chose this one because I think this style is ideal.  It’s also from withchic.com. 


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