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Flamingo Pink


          I am obsessed with this swimsuit.  It’s the last suit I got from  Check out my previous post to see the others I got.  I love the print and the fit is great.  It’s just all around the perfect one-piece.  It also matches my flamingo float!   The lace-up detail in the back means you can adjust the size a little bit.  It’s also really trendy right now. 

          I have been wanting an inflatable flamingo for the longest time.  I have always had a strange obsession with inflatables.  I have a pretzel, a giant hamster ball, and a bunch of other random little ones.  I wanted a flamingo but they are super expensive pretty much everywhere.  I found out that Walmart had affordable ones and bought it immediately.  It’s really good quality and huge.  It can fit 2-3 people at once, all laying down.  Unfortunately, that means it’s really inconvenient to use because it doesn’t fit in my car.  It’s fine though because my dad has a truck and I can also take it on my boat.              


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