Floral Jumpsuit and a Puppy

Jumpsuit: ASOS
Boots: Steve Madden
Hat: Vintage
Purse: Thrifted
Necklaces: H&M and thrifted

          This floral jumpsuit is from ASOS.  I bought if right before my trip to California, Washington, and Oregon earlier in the summer.  I had planned on packing it, but decided not to.  I bought it because I knew it would be chilly there and wanted and pant jumpsuit to wear.  I didn’t pack it because I had to make some alterations to it and it took me way to long.  I always take forever to alter my clothes because i’m working on things for other people or my label.  I’m pretty happy with it overall and i’m glad I finally get to wear it.  I also want to introduce you to Rose.  She is my boyfriend’s adorable puppy.  She came with to take some pics, just because.


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