floral top

Floral Organza Top

floral top
butterfly on flowers
under tree
holding a puppy
sitting on a rock in a garden

TOP: H&M  |  SHORTS: Target (similar)  |  SANDALS: Target  |  BACKPACK: Ted Baker 

          Happy summer!  It’s officially summer.  It feels so crazy that it’s summer again and I am once again talking about it in my blog.  I’ve been blogging for so long and always mention when the seasons change so I’ve probably written around 9 or 10 “it’s summer” posts.  I’m extra excited about this one because now that the pandemic cases are down in the U.S. we can finally get back to doing some normal things and summer has always been one of my favorite seasons. Although, I think my current favorite season is spring while living in California.  None the less, I still love summer.  

          I found this beautiful floral organza top in the clearance section at H&M.  That is my favorite section because my style is a bit more “out there” than the average person so I can normally find some amazing things for a great price.  I think this top was only around $5.  I actually got it last October but haven’t had a chance to wear it.  Literally, story of my life.  I always buy new clothes and take way too long to wear them.  I especially love the print of this fabric.  It looks kind of watercolor-esque and reminds me of a painting.  It’s not the most comfortable top though.  It’s super itchy, unfortunately.  I probably won’t be wearing it all that often but at least it is fun to wear for a short time.  When I get tired of this top I will probably reuse this fabric for something else.  Would you wear a top this dramatic? 


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