Navy Playsuit

Playsuit: ASOS
Tights: Target
Boots: Go Jane
Hat: Vintage
Rings: vintage and small shop in Bloomington, IN
          Nothing I am wearing here is new.  I’m not the type of person to get new clothing and shun the old ones.  However, new isn’t always best, but I thing everyone knows that.  I have had this playsuit for about two years.  I thing that it is still one of my favorite clothing items.  It was my first purchase from ASOS.  I have been in love with it ever since I got it.  I wear it in the summer, fall, and spring.  All you have to do is pair it with tights to stay warm or dress it up a little.  Here are some other playsuits from ASOS that I am really loving; the sequin, similar one, and this embellished one, would be great for a holiday party.  I chose to wear it with my vintage boater style hat.  Do you have any clothing items that have been a wardrobe staple for years?


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