Gingham Peplum

TOP: 1901  |  CARDIGAN: Poof New York  |  JEANS: H&M  |  SHOES: Massini  |  BACKPACK: Sole Society

 |  SUNGLASSES: Marshall’s 

          Almost all of these items are new (from my birthday).  I paired them together because they are all black and white.  I love the gingham checker print mixed with the black and white speckled cardigan.  I wore my new black jeans with the outfit.  They are from H&M and honestly I regret buying them.  H&M jeans never fit me properly.  They are too tight in the thighs and too loose around the ankles.  Don’t you hate when you try something on and you think it fits?  Then you get home and after wearing it a couple of times you decide it doesn’t.  It’s too late to return them.  I bought them because I normally get my black jeans from Forever 21 because they fit perfectly but they only last like 8 months.  I wanted to see if they would last longer from another store.  On the positive side, I do love this gingham peplum top!


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