Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Zion, and Vegas

JOGGERS: Target (they are too big) |  BOTH SWEATERS: H&M  | COAT: H&M
          This post is about the rest of the road trip to California from Indiana.  We woke up near the Grand Canyon to spend some time there in the morning.  We have both been before but it’s always a fun place to go back to.  A lot of paths were closed because of ice but we got to see everything we wanted to.  We also got to see a lot of really cool animals.  Next time I go to the Grand Canyon I really want to hike to the bottom.  
          The next stop we made was at Horseshoe Bend.  I have been seeing it all over Instagram lately and really wanted to return.  Last time I was there the water level was much higher and the color was very blue.  This time it was just a bit dried up.  It is still a really amazing place to visit.  It’s so difficult to get a good picture there because you have to get really close to the edge to see down into it and the drop-off is obviously extremely high.  I managed to get a few pretty good pictures, though.  
          Later in the evening we stopped by Zion National Park.  It was one of my favorite parks that we went to.  We really wanted to do the Angels Landing hike but it was too late in the evening and too slippery.  It’s a super scary hike where you go up on top of the mountains and only have a chain to hold onto in some spots.  I really want to go back and hike it sometime.  
          Lastly, we made a quick stop in Las Vegas.  We didn’t have much time to do anything except stop at the sign and get coffee.  I was just there a few years ago so it’s no big deal.  My fiancĂ© has never been before so I am sure we will go back soon.  It’s also pretty close to L.A.  We actually have to fly back soon and do this trip all over again with my fiancĂ©’s car and the rest of our belongings.  I think we will be taking a more southern route to get some new views and avoid the snow.  I’ll probably do one post about that trip.  


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