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Gingham in Grand Haven

GINGHAM TOP: J.C. Penney || SHORTS: Target (I think) || SANDALS: Forever 21

 || PURSE: New Look || SUNGLASSES: ASOS || CHOKER: Zaful

|| MICHIGAN NECKLACE: Glik’s (in Grand Haven)

          Sunday my boyfriend and I spent the day in Grand Haven, Michigan.  We also went to Saint Joe later on in the day.  These pics are all from Grand Haven, though.  I am in love with Michigan.  I feel like it is more of my home than Indiana.  I try to go as much as I can in the summer because it makes summer feel right.  I love taking day trips to different towns by lake Michigan and camping.  Sunday we decided on Grand Haven because I haven’t been there very many times.  It was a really good day overall.  We just did a bunch of fun stuff like walking around, shopping, eating, and just sitting by the water.  We actually ended up getting gelato in Grand Haven and then sorbet in Saint Joe.  I highly recommend Michigan as a summer getaway.  It’s amazing! 

          I have been lusting over these Loeffler Randall Sandalsfor a few years now and was never able to buy them.  They are just too expensive for me right now.  I think they are the prettiest sandals I have ever seen.  I came across “dupe” version from Forever 21 a few days ago and knew I had to buy them.  I think they are good “dupe” but I don’t think they compare to the Loeffler Randall ones, because the stars are larger.  However, I do love how metallic the Forever 21 ones are.  I’d still love to buy the designer ones someday.  


 P.S. I’m really annoyed that I didn’t wait 2 days to buy these because now they are half the price that I spent on them.  


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