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Have You Heard of Golden Valley Ranch Open Space?

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looking out at mountains

     Golden Valley Ranch Open Space is a large open area that you can hike in Santa Clarita, California.  I found it on Google Maps one day and it looked amazing because of all of the green fields and hills.  Me and my husband visited it one time last spring, thinking it would be green but all the grass was already brown.  Ever since then, I have been wanting to return during winter.  In California, in winter it normally rains a lot and everything gets super vibrant.  We went back this past weekend because we have been getting so much rain lately.  As you can see, the hills are amazingly green.  It’s so beautiful at this park.  It’s very peaceful and there were hardly any people here.  

          If you are wanting to visit, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Parking is very limited.  there is a super tiny lot and a few spots along the street but it’s on a pretty busy road.  This park isn’t very popular so you shouldn’t have a problem but just be aware.  If there isn’t parking this place is a great back up right down the road.  Also, if you put it in maps there is a chance it will try to bring you the back way, which doesn’t have anywhere to park.  You need to take the route that goes down Placerita Canyon Road.  The parking lot is poorly marked and very easy to miss.  Also, something to keep in mind is if you go when it’s warm, it will be a hot tike.  There is no tree coverage and it can get very hot in Santa Clarita.  I don’t actually recommend going any time that isn’t early spring or winter.  I can get very windy here as well.  One last thing, watch out for snakes!

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