Hello Lake Superior!

TOP: T.J. Maxx
SHORTS: Forever 21
SANDALS: Forever 21
PURSE: Mark by Mark Jacobs


          I just got back from my road trip around Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.  My boyfriend and I drove all the way around both, making lots of stops along the way and driving through Canada (over 2000 miles).  I have always wanted to go to Lake Superior because visiting all five of the Great Lakes has always been on my bucket list.  I can finally check that off because Lake Superior was the only one I had left to visit!  I loved it so much more than I though I would.  The Great Lakes are truly spectacular.  I have always felt a close connection to them because I grew up swimming in them and boating on them.
          The first major stop was Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  The water was so blue and cold.  Grand Sable Dunes are 300 ft. high dunes that are located in the park.  They are really steep and plunge right into the lake.  We ended up climbing down them and walking along the lakeshore.  Of course that means we had to go back up, but it wasn’t that bad.  As you can tell, I am wearing two different outfits in these pictures.  That’s because we went back the following morning to stop at some other places in the park.  This is how a few of my posts might be because we were constantly moving on this road trip and I can’t just match one outfit to one post.  


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