Holiday Dress

Dress: H&M
Booties: Go Jane
Purse: Expressions NYC
Tights: Meijer, but you can find them anywhere
          Since it’s getting into the Holiday season I’ve decided to do a post about what I would maybe wear if I were going to a party.  I will be going to one on Christmas, but we’ve decided on an “ugly sweater” theme, so I can’t wear a dress.  However, I did wear this one last year on New Years.  I never got chance to blog about it because the weather was awful.  I though this would be a good opportunity.  This dress is from H&M, last year I believe.  What I really love about this dress is the collar.  I am still very much into collars.  They are something that I have always liked.  The color is also perfect for this time of year.  I had to wear it with fleece lined tights because where I live it’s freezing.  You can find some at pretty much any store.  They come in various colors and I highly recommend them for the cold.  


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