Hollywood Hills and The Queen Mary

          Hey, welcome to my last blog post from my trip to California.  We spent the last two days in Los Angeles.  Since we spent our first day in LA, we were able to get a bunch of things out of the way that we wanted to do.  That allowed us to take the last two days more slowly.  We went to the Griffith Observatory and hiked the trail up to the Hollywood sign.  I didn’t know about the observatory the last time I was in LA, so I didn’t get to go there.  It was really cool and had an amazing view of the city.  I am also interested in outer space, so I was really excited to go there.  We did some shopping and went to some awesome restaurants.  As much as I’d hate to admit it I did go back to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We were right by it and I don’t like avoiding things just because they are “touristy.”  Those last two nights we stayed at the Queen Mary hotel.  If you don’t know, that is a super old ship that was transformed into a hotel.  It’s located in Long Beach.  I though it would be a fun alternative to staying in a regular hotel.  It was pretty awesome.  i was excited to learn that Audrey Hepburn had once been aboard it.  It is pretty inexpensive for what it is.  There are cafes and restaurants on board, which make it really convenient to stay at.  We got a great deal by booking our room on Cyber Monday.  This trip was amazing and so diverse.  We did so many things it’s hard to remember everything.  My favorite type of vacation is where you get to see tons of places surrounding where you are, instead of just staying at a resort.  I like to fly into a city and then take a road trip so I can fit in as much as possible.  


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