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How to be Confident Wearing Color

Top: Forever 21  |  Pants: Forever 21  |  Sandals: Abound

          This may be a little difficult for me to explain because I’ve personally never had any issues wearing bright colors.  I have always been naturally drawn to color.  I couldn’t imagine avoiding it.  I have just heard people over the span of my life say something along the lines of “I can’t pull that off, it’s too bright.”  Based off previous conversations and observations, it seems that a lot of people think that if they wear a bright color it will make them stand out too much.  I don’t think this is the case.  When you walk around and look at people, a lot of them are wearing bright colors and you don’t really notice them more than people that are wearing all black.  If anything, I notice the people in black more.  I think it’s more about your behavior and what you are doing that gets you noticed, unless you are wearing a stand-out style or perhaps a neon color.
          With that being said, I think if you want to experiment with color and you are new to the concept you should start small.  Perhaps try a colorful accessory first.  Maybe try a pair of shoes, bag, or jewelry.  Pair that with whatever colors you are really comfortable with.  I would choose a color that you really love because you will feel more comfortable.  Also, pay more attention to style and fit.  If something fits you perfectly you are more likely to feel confident.  If it happens to be in your favorite color then it’s a win-win.
          You can also go off of the traditional skin tone color charts.  I think these are kind of outdated and I never really used them but I think there is some merit to it.  I’m talking about the spring, summer, autumn, winter thing that was floating around all of the fashion magazines years ago.  I never paid much attention to it because I couldn’t imagine not wearing something because a chart tells me not to and because I could never figure out what my color was.  If you are interested thought it’s pretty easy to search online.  I do genuinely think that some skin tones look better in certain colors.
          Other than that I would say that you should just keep in mind that you can pull anything off that anybody else can.  Don’t doubt your choices and don’t pay any attention to what other people are saying or if you think they might be looking.  you really don’t know why they are actually looking.  They might like your outfit or just be looking past you.  You should never not wear something because of what somebody else thinks.  Life is too short to avoid color.



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  • the creation of beauty is art.

    I think it is wonderful that you are so drawn to colour! I absolutely love this look. Those pants are so fabulous.
    the creation of beauty is art.

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