How to Have an Amazing Summer

Summer is officially in less than a month.  I know it’s still a little early for this post but it’s always good to be prepared! Ever since I can remember I would make a bucket list for every summer.  It helps ensure you have plenty of fun things to do.  
1.  Have a picnic.  I will be doing this plenty because I just found the cutest picnic basket from Home Goods! It’s shaped like a watermelon.  
2. Try baking something just out of your comfort zone.  You may surprise yourself with your skills.  
3.  Plan a roadtrip.  Even if you don’t have a lot of money it can be done.  You can just go on a little weekend trip.  Camping is a super cheap way to make this happen.  Some of my favorite summer memories were made on road trips.  Just go somewhere you have always wanted to go or love visiting.  
4.  Spend plenty of time outside.  This is the best part about summer.  You can be outside longer and there is so much more sunlight.  You can go to the beach, go for a hike, or just sit in the yard (or a park).  I always feel super satisfied after a long day outside.  
5.  Have a super intense spa day.  Whatever that means for you, just take some time to relax.  I love taking baths with bath bombs and epsom salt.  Masks are also nice to use.  
6.  Throw a surprise party for somebody.  These are always fun and it’s a nice thing to do.  
7.  Do some shopping at a farmers market.  They usually only happen in the summer so make a goal to go to one.  
8.  Attend a festival or concert.  This is also a very summer-esque thing to do and they are so fun.  
9.  Spend time with animals.  Whether that means going to a zoo or just teaching your pet a new trick, animals can be very realizing.  You could even stop by an animal shelter.  
10.  Try making ice-cream.  I used to have an ice cream maker that I got for a pretty affordable price from Walmart.  I used to make ice cream all the time in the summer.  You can make any flavor that pops into your head and it’s really fun.  If you don’t have or want to buy an ice-cream maker there are ways of making it without one.  Just look up a recipe!

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