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How to wash tassels

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SHORTS: Target | TOP:Target | SUNGLASSES: Zaful | SANDALS: Akira Chicago | NECKLACE:


          I just got these shorts from Target in the sale section.  I love this color.  I feel like it is such an uncommon and under appreciated color.  The shorts are a little large but the size down was too small. I don’t really mind though.  I also really love the tassels.  I paired it with this top that I got from target two years ago.  I love the way the colors look together.  
          These shorts say that they are machine washable.  I decided to just throw them in the washing machine inside out, even though I figured the tassels would get messed up.  After they were done washing but before I hung them up to dry, I combed out the tassels.  I just took a fine brush and brushed it through the strings so that they would dry correctly.  Before I did that they were super tangled and messed up.  Normally, I would just gently hand wash something with tassels, but I didn’t have time.  If your tassels are messed up, I recommend brushing the strings before you let them dry.  You can do it after they dry but it will be much harder.  


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