We Got a New Puppy!


white pomeranian


manhattan beach

First time to the beach (just walked on the path)

sleepy puppy

White pom puppy

dogs first walk

First proper walk

          My husband and I have been looking for a Pomeranian puppy for a couple of weeks.  I’ve been wanting a dog since we moved to California two years ago.  We moved recently and made sure to get a new place that allows pets.  We had planned to go to Japan right now for our first year wedding anniversary (March 29th) but obviously that trip got canceled.  Instead, we wanted to celebrate our anniversary with a new family member.  We thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate.  We found him on  Of course, it would be nice to adopt from a shelter but shelters in California are super expensive and it would be very difficult to find a pom puppy.  He is now 11 weeks old and is so loving and cute.  He has a ton of energy and such a funny personality.  His name is Luca and if you want to follow him, I made an Instagram page @pompuppyluca.  I plan on doing a part two of this post with some more photos and updates from time to time.


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